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 Mission Statement

To use the latest methodologies available to assist people in finding health, happiness, and wellness.


Healthy Image focuses on treating clients through the use of Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life and Wellness Coaching in four key areas:

1. Health issues
-weight control
-smoking cessation
-chronic pain

2. Emotional issues
-fear, phobias

-self esteem issues
-depression and anxiety
-lack of  happiness

3. Public Image issues
-stage and camera fear
-self confidence issues
-learn to believe in yourself

4. Longevity and Youthfulness
- prolong healthy quality of life
- to rejuvenate your body physically
and energetically
- to rejuvenate your mind
- reprogram body and mind for

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About Us

           Based in Los Angeles, Certified Master Hypnotherapist Julia Vassina has practiced hypnotherapy for a decade. She has developed an extensive clientele that consists of individuals, actors, models and public figures seeking to address a broad range of concerns. Julia helps them to find a root cause of the problem, whether it is emotional, psychosomatic, physical or hormonal. Once the cause of the issue is identified, she tailors a program for each case and assists the clients with their goals.

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