Helping You to Create Positive Thoughts and Behaviors

      First of all, I should say that I am already fulfilled, accomplished, healthy, happy and blessed person. I am on the spiritual path for 14 years now.  And as human soul is always evolving, growing and progressing, we do utilize different methods to promote greater growth. I know that hypnosis is extensively utilized in Tibet in monasteries. And so I decided to try it. Second of all, I think it is very important to choose the hypnotherapist by their life style, view points and personal growth.

      I knew that Julia leading evolve life: always on a cleanse or a fast; always learning, growing, practicing different spiritual methods, keep herself in a positive state of mind, which is very important. And to my opinion this is the criteria by which one should choose the hypnotherapist if needed.
I didn't need any specific result from the session; I did it just for experience sake. And I felt deep connection to the energy field, I becoming even more clear and had very deep relaxation state.

      I only can imaging how deep and productive Julia could be in helping others who really have issues to fix!
Anyhow, please learn as much as you can about hypnotherapist life style and vision before going into hypnosis.

That is the main point why I do advise Julia's practice.


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