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Longevity and Youthfulness

   We all want to feel young in the body and the mind. When we feel that way, we perform better, live longer, and lead a more fulfilled life. A human being is a combination of body, mind and spirit. In order to rejuvenate these areas, Healthy Image pays attention to all three of them. We concentrate on helping you to have a long, healthy and youthful life through the use of Hypnosis, NLP, and Life Coaching. Julia will assist you in bringing back or maintaining that youthful look and spirit. The areas we address are:

1. Physical body
   - intestinal detox,
   - detox from parasites and mold
   - detox from heavy metals
   - right nutrition for your
     constitutional type
   - regular exercise
   - healthy life style

2. Emotional body
- emotional detox
- get rid of misconceptions 
  about sickness and getting
- reprogram your mind for
  longevity and youthfulness
- young state of mind

3. Energy body
- find the source of extra energy
      to rejuvenate
    - energize your body regularly
    - using this energy to create a
      youthful body