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"First of all, I should say that I am already fulfilled, accomplished, healthy, happy and blessed person. I am on the spiritual path for 14 years now; and as human soul is always evolving, growing and progressing -- we do utilize different methods to promote greater growth. I know that hypnosis is extensively utilize in Tibet in monasteries. And so I decided to try"...Read More

"I was desperate to quit smoking, but everything I tried failed until I finally decided to try hypnotherapy and went to see Julia"...Read More

"I recently had a few hypnotherapy sessions with Julia. I am extremely pleased with a nature of these sessions.  I had amazing and unique experience. I particularly liked the"...Read More

I saw Julia for a hypnotherapy session some years ago about breaking through a financial success ceiling I had for myself. I felt immediately comfortable and relaxed in her hands and trusted that she had my best interest at heart, and is a professional with her work. I only had to see her once; it's hard to say specifically what shifted for me but I did go on and without further anxiety, made great strides in my business and continued to do so for many years. I do believe it was very much due to the work Julia did with me and re-organizing my subconscious mind and ridding my self-limiting beliefs.

Merry K

My first experience with Julia’s work happened when I had a depression after my mom was diagnosed with the stage 4 of breast cancer. The sessions were very powerful after each one I felt better and better. My life had meaning again. I didn’t need my medication anymore to feel good. Also I followed her advise about my diet, breathing and exercises. I lost weight and look much younger for my age. After that I sent my mom to her for a series of sessions. And of course, my mom’s mental and physical conditions also improved a lot.

Thank you Julia Vassina for your passion and knowledge!


I came to Julia for help a few years ago when I was in a terrible emotional state. During the hypnosis I felt completely relaxed and light. It was magical because after 6 sessions I felt completely renewed - calm and happy again. She has such an unconditional love and desire to help people. She has a good sweat heart and beautiful soul. Julia is beautiful inside and out. I love and respect her and very grateful. God bless her.