Helping You to Create Positive Thoughts and Behaviors

Public Image Issues

It may not seem so, but many of the actors, models and other people that we see in the media each day were once burdened with negative public image issues. They felt held back because they were not able to express themselves fully for fear of embarrassment or failure. As many of these people have found, Hypnotherapy can be the solution.


Hypnotherapy is for models, actors and public figures to help them by:

Stage -Establishing a better relationship with the camera
-Getting rid of the stage fright
-Overcoming camera fright
-Learn to be able to "make love to the camera"
-Getting rid of insecurities
-Developing higher self esteem
-Learning to believe in yourself
-Creating the reality you want

Negative Image problems reside in our subconscious mind, and can be replaced with positive images that free us up to realize our full potential. As a former model, Julia Vassina understands these issues very well, and has assisted many professionals in these areas.